Delphi Private Tour

Delphi Private Tour

Delphi the home of the Ancient oracle who when sitting on her tripod over a fissure in the floor of the temple would inhale the 'vapors' allowing her to give prophecies that could start and end wars. No King in ancient times would dare to make a major decision without consulting the Oracle of Delphi.

This private tour starting in Athens is a full day 8 hour tour passing through fertile land and climbing up Mount Parnassus to Delphi. A side excursion to Hosios Loukas Monastery can also be done on the way to Delphi at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

After your visit to the archeological site and museum you'll have free time in Delphi or the nearby town of Arachova. This mountainous area is renowned for its mouth watering charcoal grilled meats, river fish and local wine.

The activity level is moderate requiring a fair amount of uphill walking because the site is situated on the mountain side. The Delphi museum is home to awesome artifacts that are unique in the World, the Kuros ancient statues, the bronze Charioteer, the Sphinx plus the gold jewelry are totally amazing.

Delphi Private Tour

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